7 Super Photo Shots – Travel Photography Challenge

First, I need to get this off my chest. I may have a slight mancrush on Mark Weins.  I have one on Anthony Bourdain as well. A bro-mance, if you will. I should probably stop there, before I say something I’ll almost certainly regret. In any case, Mark Weins from Migrationology has asked me to take part in the 7 Super Shots photo challenge.

Mark is the go-to foodie for any information about Thai street food. More than once, I have bothered Mark with such gripping topics as the nuances between Durians, Jackfruit, and Jambada’s. Including detailed analysis of the outer-skin properties. Some may say, I need a new hobby. In any case, I have to do what he says, so here goes:



Borobudur Sunrise Indonesia

Borobudur, Indonesia. I’m not a morning person. If I’m getting up for sunrise, it’s to capture views like this. Borobudur, a 9th century Buddhist monument on the Indonesian island of Java,  is a truly magical place at sunrise. Not long after this photo was taken,  tropical rain fell heavily, giving a whole new look to the temple. For this, it was worth setting the alarm clock.



wutang copenhagen wu tang clan

Wu Tang Foto, Copenhagen, Denmark. This photo may go over some people’s heads, dependent upon your knowledge of classic Hip Hop music. Oh, believe me, I have a whole bunch of photos of impossibly cute little girls in poor countries. Grubby-faced, wide-eyed, button-nosed, with the cutest, most joyous smiles you could imagine.

But, you got da Wu Tang Foto instead.



view from eiffel tower paris

View from Eiffel Tower, Paris. Corny? Yes. But, look at the view! Show me views from above any city, and I’m in dream-land. I’m a huge fans of views from above, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris offers one of the best views around. I plan on showing more views from around the world on Yomadic. I’ve featured the view from the “Worlds 2nd Ugliest Tower”, the futuristic soviet-era Zizkov TV Tower in Prague. Despite being the highest point and tallest structure in Prague, hardly anybody visits Zizkov Tower. It doesn’t even appear on most tourist guides or maps of Prague. For me, these sort of locations are ripe for dreaming.



Thai Soliders Bangkok 

Thai Soldiers, near Victory Monument, Bangkok. This photo was taken during the day, on the 10th April, 2010. Later that night, in a different part of Bangkok, 25 people lost their lives in a conflict between political protestors and the army. A few days later, a further 85 people were killed in a grenade blast, with each side blaming the other for the carnage. Clearly, the soldiers did not like being photographed. That, makes me think.



Joel Swadling, Perth, Australia, RIP.
Joel Swadling, Perth, Australia, RIP.

Half-Human-Half-Wolf, Australia. Lamb on a spit is about Australian as it comes. You may think “throwing shrimps on the barbie, mate” is the quintessential Australian BBQ. It’s not. Stick a huge pole through the middle of a Lamb carcass, slowly cook, rotating over hot coals and fire for hours and hours. Then, dig in. My good friend Joel, has about 10 pounds of a lambs leg in his hands, and is stopping for no-one. Howlin’ at the moon. I LOVE meat cooked slowly on a spit, no matter what country I’m in.



mount ijen indonesia kawah ijen volcano
Miner, Mount Ijen (Kawah Ijen), East Java, Indonesia. Sulphur miners at Kawah Ijen work a manual and laborious back-breaking operation, in choking conditions, all at the bottom of an active volcano crater. Hauling up to 100kgs, by hand, of Suplhur rocks, up and down the mountain, day after day, year after year all for just a few dollars. This man befriended me, welcomed me, and gave me a guided volcano crater “tour” that I’ll never forget. The featured a full story, and a whole bunch of photos of Mount Ijen has been featured here previously.



Ta Prohm Trees Cambodia

Ta Prohm, Cambodia. Ta Prohm, just a hop away from Angkor Wat, near Siem Reap, was constructed about 800 years ago. And, until Tomb Raider was released in 2001, and travel blogging became “a thing”, Ta Prohm laid in relative obscurity. One of the most popular temples to visit, due to its some-what authentic crumbling nature. Keen eyed visitors who have returned to Ta Prohm will have noticed the restoration has made the temple a bit more “complete” as each year goes by. Is that a bad thing?

Well, when there’s a lesser known temple not far away, just as spectacular, and arguably more beautiful, there really is nothing to be concerned about. National Geographic? Well, my photo style doesn’t normally lend itself to this category. I like photos of the nitty-gritty. Of people. Of cities, of streets. But, I think I captured a fairly unique angle of Ta Prohm here, without using that “Tomb Raider Door” as subject matter.

I should also point out, this last photo was taken using a camera that is twenty years old, that I paid about $10 for in Penang, using well and truly expired film.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


BTW, I would love to send you the next dispatch, posted from some-where random around this planet (and you'll soon find out why YOMADIC email followers are my favourite followers):

24 thoughts on “7 Super Photo Shots – Travel Photography Challenge

  1. Awesome picks Nate, I definitely laughed at WuTang Foto. Thank you very much for the kind introduction – I thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed out loud for a few minutes! Big Thanks!

    1. Thanks Mark…I laughed out loud when I saw the WuTang Foto shop, very creative graffiti! No probs on the intro – my durian/jackfruit issue was starting to bug me, and without being in Thailand, it was good to have an on-the-ground reference!

  2. well geez, your super shots put mine to shame. The one of the Thai soldiers is amazing. And that shot of Ta Prohm is so unique. I was just there last June and it was a little disappointing to see kids selling “Tomb Raider” DVDs at such a historically significant site. Good job catching the pure beauty of that place.

    1. Thanks Britany, such great compliments! One thing about the kids, Cambodia is a *very* poor country, as you would know, so it’s hard for me to feel let down by kids trying to make money (under their parents instructions, no doubt). But, I completely understand what you are saying, it’s a tricky issue!

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