Prague Metro – Coolest Subways – A Very 70’s Photo Friday

prague metro interior
Prague Metro


Prague Metro – The World’s Coolest Subway. Much like the Zizkov TV Tower that looms ominously over Prague, interiors of the city’s metro line subway stations definitely have that soviet-era architectural influence. Dimpled aluminium panels are applied to the curved station walls and ceilings, utilising a palette of warm anodised colours, varying from one station to the next. Incredibly slick. Finished with polished marble walls, this could quite possibly be the coolest series of metro stations on earth. Form, and function – one and a half million passengers a day wandering through these beautiful stations, know the Prague Metro is the fastest way to get around Prague. When you next visit Prague, make sure you get underground, and wait for a train in a very 70’s, very cool, space.

Technical details : taken with an old point-and-shoot Ricoh Film camera, inbuilt 30mm lens, hand-held, no flash.

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8 thoughts on “Prague Metro – Coolest Subways – A Very 70’s Photo Friday

  1. Ohhh, I don’t remember the subway look of Prague, except the first one out closest to the airport, which was grotty! Great photo!

    1. Hi Andrea.. yes, I’m a big fan of subways. I tend to often take photos of different stations around the world, and hope to feature a few more on here in the future.

    1. Thanks Ayngelina. No, haven’t been to Detroit, but it’s on my must-visit list for the US (next time)…then I can check out that light-installation…looks great!

  2. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed! They are just so unintentionally cool!
    Dejvicka station (end of line A) is also really cool, it’s vertical stripes of coloured tiles in really retro greens, browns and cream!
    Also thank you for putting it all into words, I couldn’t have described it to my friends and family at home.
    Cheers, Belle

    1. Hey Belle! Glad you found this older post of mine. Yes, I LOVE the Prague metro stations..thanks for the advice on the A line station, I will “czech” it our next time I’m in Prague ;)

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