Street Photography Australia – Photo Friday on The Mean Streets of Perth

Street Photography Australia - Outside PICA, Perth, WA
Street photography, Perth, Australia.

Would you like something to do this weekend? How about a street photography project? Wherever you are, in the middle of a bustling metropolis, hangin’ in the ‘burbs, or relaxing out in the country, go and document it. There’s a photo-essay waiting to happen, right on your doorstep. Taking photos of people in your vicinity, you’ll get to know the neighbourhood, like never before. I’ve been doing it a lot lately, just cruising around the favourite parts of my home city, seeing what’s up. Remember, a stranger is just a kidnapper you haven’t met.

This photo was taken outside the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts (PICA), during a kids festival. The somewhat cheeky performer was calling out to the kids “WHO… LOVES….READING!!!” Cue the screaming kids – “MEEEEEE!!!!”. A photo of a street performer, posing rather than candid, is not normally what I look for in a photo, and it’s been done to death. However, this one seems to work.

Street photography is about finding interesting ways to document the ordinary. A fleeting moment in time, a happy interaction between two strangers. And, a nice background tying it all together is always a bonus.

I have a nice lengthy article coming very soon. Jam packed with photo’s, advice, and entertainment. In fact, there will be two more articles in the next few days, as Yomadic is about to celebrate it’s three-month birthday. This blog is just a youngster, but, wow, it’s growing fast. I’ll tell you all about it, very soon.

Looking forward to the weekend?

Yep, me too.


PS, if you have a link to some street photos you have taken, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Get out and about, and show me what’s up in your part of the world!

PPS, Perth’s streets are not “mean”, in fact, they’re downright friendly.

* the title of this photo is “Two Cute Cats”. An homage to Charlie Kirk, an amazingly talented street photographer who goes by the name “Two Cute Dogs”. Charlie was incredibly helpful this week, allowing me to pester him on Twitter with questions about the use of Flash in street photography. So the least I can do, is point you at Charlie’s work.

BTW, I would love to send you the next dispatch, posted from some-where random around this planet (and you'll soon find out why YOMADIC email followers are my favourite followers):

10 thoughts on “Street Photography Australia – Photo Friday on The Mean Streets of Perth

    1. Cheers Dave…yes, she seemed like such a pro, a quick wink as I passed in front of her, and then she just carried on with the performance without missing a beat!

  1. You obviously haven’t tried exercising along the coast from City Beach up towards Trigg and Hillarys – John and I took up walking there but got harassed by drivers hanging out of car windows, honking, yelling things – one guy had a megaphone…I’m not kidding! Our cousin had something thrown at her there. The streets are friendly but the sidewalks are mean ;)

    Great shot!

    1. haha that sounds like a typical Sunday afternoon along the Perth beaches! But, you are correct, Andrea, I haven’t been exercising around there…apart from the occasional swim in the ocean. The beaches are stunning around that area of Perth, it’s one of the best coast-line’s of any city on Earth, in my humble (and somewhat biased) opinion ;)

      1. I agree with you on that one – Perth has the best beaches – I’d put the Queensland ones second – but they don’t have the same magical sunsets =)

    1. Hey Andrew, I agree, “Getting Out of Auto” is an essential book – I use it all the time as well. For less than $10, ya can’t go wrong. I live in Mount Lawley – for another 7 days. Nice to hear from another Perth boy!

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