Legoland Malaysia Pre-Opening Day : Kids Gone Buck Wild in Johor Bahru

Legoland Johor Bahru Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia – the day before opening day.

Legoland Malaysia. There’s only one thing better than being at the opening day of a new Legoland theme park – and that’s being invited to Legoland Malaysia the day before it officially opens. When I received the confirmation email and media passes, I became incapable of breathing normally. I was thinking one thing – it’s Friday, a school day, the park isn’t even open to the public yet, and I get to explore it all, WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN BEING THERE!

76 acres. 40 rides. 50 million Lego bricks. 15 thousand Lego models. 1000 employees AKA “Model Citizens”. Most impressive Legoland Malaysia statistic? Zero kids! It was just too much to take in. The Duplo playground was bound to be empty. I would have the Lego City Airport, Fire-station, and even the Lego-Technic roller-coaster all to myself. I could probably hi-jack the Legoland Express (possibly the worlds slowest train), and attempt a 3 miles-per-hour derailment (don’t laugh, it could happen). The possibilities of kid-less Legoland Malaysia were overwhelming.


Iskandar Legoland Malaysia - near JB
Holy crap. It doesn’t come much cuter than this. Legoland Malaysia, pre-opening excitement.
The Petronas Towers at Legoland Malaysia
Petronas twin-skyscrapers, the worlds tallest Lego model. For a skyscraper nerd and Lego fan like me, this was just too much.
career at legoland malaysia
“So, dad, when I grow up, I don’t want to be a Lawyer like you, I’m going to build Lego professionally at Legoland Malaysia.”

Many of us have fond memories of playing with Lego as kids. Bucket-loads of colourful Lego bricks, spaceman heads, satellite dishes, and the odd plastic flower, or if you were lucky, a computer monitor – they were rare back then, I used mine for a…..sorry…where was I… oh yes….. Lego piles strewn out all across the room led to countless imaginative and creative hours of fantastical construction and demolition (recovered that one nicely, right?). The appeal of playing with Lego is the lack of any rules, and the pure tactile-ness – confirmed by stepping bare-foot on an 8×2 errant block that missed the packing away stage of play.

Legoland Malaysia The Blockiest Place on Earth

At Legoland Malaysia, the happy childhood memories came flooding back. Those days were simpler days, when kids had cow-licks, and adults wore onions on their belts (it was the style at the time). These days, life consists of researching cheap hotels in a mad grab at stretching my time-off from the adults-only rat-race as long as possible. Truth be told, I’d rather just play with Lego.


kids at legoland malaysia
These kids were screaming in pitch-perfect synchronisation. Hilarious!
phillipa at legoland malaysia
“I thought you said there wouldn’t be any kids?” Phillipa, at the entrance to Legoland Malaysia.
legoland jb malaysia
Some of the other famous media personalities, filming a piece on the Legoland Malaysia opening. Wassup guys, let’s do lunch.

Clearly, the photos show that there were plenty of damn kids at the pre-opening of Legoland Malaysia. But, truth be told, I’m glad they were there. From the moment I arrived, I noticed their excitement was well and truly off the scale. Those crazy little buggers. Smiling, posing for photos, freaking out on the rollercoasters, throwing rocks at pirate ships, and endlessly gazing at the detailed scale models of destinations around the world. No doubt, Legoland Malaysia will inspire kids to travel, and to see the world – which, after all, is the main reason Yomadic exists.

Simply put, the lucky school kids who got to pre-test Legoland Malaysia instead of sitting in class, really did make the day 1000 times more real. So, thanks kids. Now get off my lawn <insert old man shaking fist here>.


legoland marching band
The official band flew all the way from Denmark (home of the original Legoland) for the opening of Legoland Malaysia.
legoland malaysia rollercoaster
On this ride, Phillipa and I introduced many exciting new English words to the very young child sitting next to us. Sorry kid!
lego truck - Legoland Malaysia
Translated – Durian Snack. My Malay language skills are impeccable.
kuala lumpur legoland malaysia
I even got to practice some street photography at Legoland Malaysia.
legoland Malaysia kids
Waiting in line for another roller-coaster, I asked told these kids to stop being so cute. The results were mixed.
taj mahal legoland Malaysia
Lego model of the Taj was accompanied by sounds of “Copy watch? Mens suit? You need taxi sir? Gucci handbag, take a look!”


So, nice Legoland Malaysia PR lady, hook me up for the water park opening in 2013?

I’ll definitely return to Legoland Malaysia. On this ridiculously hot and humid Malaysian day, the coming-soon Legoland Water-park had my sweat glands working overtime in pure anticipation. Not to mention the coming-soon Legoland Hotel, complete with Lego themed rooms. I think I’ll choose the “Legoland Pirates of the “ room. Or maybe “Chubba the Shedd’s Dust Palace”. That’s not a real thing by the way. In any case, 2013, Legoland Malaysia, hook a brother up.

It really was a totally awesome day. If you have kids, take them to Legoland Malaysia. If you’re an adult who needs a refresher of what it was like to be a kid, go to Legoland Malaysia. If you have no idea what Lego is, at this point, I must say good day to you sir, and we must now go our separate ways, never to cross paths again. Come back, once you have visited Legoland Malaysia.





Legoland Malaysia
“OK for this time, *don’t* do the peace sign!” Once again, mixed results at Legoland Malaysia.
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