Yomadic Daily : Between Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia

Somewhere along the train tracks yesterday, in the Serbian countryside, somebody had chosen to end their life.

The train was stopped, pending investigations. A mixed-bag of broken-English conversations, told me it was at least a 45 minute walk from the closest town, and at least two hours before the train would be able to proceed. We hopped off. Next to the tracks, by a disused building, there was a pipe that was pumping out natural spring water. Good. It was a really hot day. The best option seemed to be start walking, find a road, and hitch-hike.

We were with Jen, an American. It was Jen’s first day in Serbia, she didn’t anticipate hitch-hiking through the Serbian countryside, due to a rail disaster, on day one. Welcome to Serbia, Jen. I knew what what happen, and it did. Once we reached the road, it took just a few minutes before a friendly elderly gent stopped his car, picked us up, and drove us into the heart of Novi Sad.

Knowing what I know about Serbians, there was no doubt in my mind that if we walked to a road, somebody would soon stop and offer us a ride. It didn’t surprise me one bit. Sitting in the back seat of this stranger’s car, with Jen and Phillipa, I felt completely at home.

Ironically, Serbia has a reputation for danger.


On the train from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Serbia.
On the train from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Serbia.
clock tower novi sad fortress
Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad. The clock hands are reversed – the time is showing 4.14pm (not 2.21pm). This is so fisherman from afar could better see the approximate time.
entrance to novi sad fortress
It has now been established by archaeologists, that the area around Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad has been continuously settled for over twenty thousand years. This is one of the entrances to the fortress – just follow the dog.
novi sad skyline
The skyline of downtown Novi Sad, Serbia.
street photography novi sad serbia
The mean streets of Novi Sad, Serbia.
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