Ghost Towers of Bangkok – Abandoned Buildings – Photo Friday

Bangkok - abandoned buildings can be fun

When you think of “adventure travel”, do you imagine mountain climbing, crossing deserts, trekking through jungles, and things of that nature? Abandoned buildings, and skyscrapers in particular, can be just as adventurous, every bit as beautiful, and perhaps even more thought-provoking. One of the many downsides, is that this kind of exploration is illegal, and very dangerous. Definitely a demanding environment in every way, including photographically. In every major city on earth lie a vast number of abandoned buildings, but in Bangkok, the Asian Financial crisis of 1997 resulted in abandoned skyscrapers. Unfinished “ghost towers”, often a tangle of rusted steel and cancer ridden concrete, can be seen in various neighbourhoods around Bangkok.


Like most evil super-villains, I love a good abandoned building.

Older ruins like Angkor Wat, the Acropolis, the Great Wall of China, and Borobudur, are an incredible testament to by-gone era. However, it is the ruins of the 20th century that hold a special appeal to me. Industrial sites, hospitals, universities, stadiums, and more, have been abandoned, forgotten, and left to rot. Photographers the world over treasure these locations for the untouched layers of spectacular patina. Yet, despite being right under our noses, most abandoned buildings remain mysterious and off-limits. They’re little visited for good reason. Next week on this site, you will see why.

I climbed to the top of this skyscraper. Tip: elevators don’t work in abandoned buildings. Bagged the summit, as the mountaineers say. Plus, bagged a few more while I was in Bangkok. Next week, I will have an article about tips and details on exploring these type of sites around the world. And, a whole bunch of photos showing the interiors of some of the more spectacular and wondrous abandoned buildings I have visited. You won’t believe what you will see. In this next article, I will tell you not to explore these sites, but if, like myself, you just can’t resist, I’ll also give you a few tips on what to look out for, what to take with you, and what to avoid.

In the meantime, enjoy photo Friday, and don’t try this at home! Really, I can’t emphasise enough just how dangerous abandoned buildings can be.

PS. This Sunday, I will be travelling to Hong Kong. So, I’ll have a few more days yet to think about this, but due to the nature of this information, I’m considering publishing the next article next week as “email-list-only”. Abandoned skyscrapers and other buildings are amongst the most incredible photo-shoot locations anywhere. If I haven’t already mentioned it, they’re also illegal to enter, and extremely dangerous…

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UPDATE! More abandoned buildings than you can poke a stick at, here.

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9 thoughts on “Ghost Towers of Bangkok – Abandoned Buildings – Photo Friday

  1. Interesting – I’ve never thought to climb an abandoned building – don’t you worry about the stability of the floors? Or are they not that old?

  2. My goodness…I would never have thought to do this! As the more mature person here…. BE CAREFUL but…look forward to hearing and seeing more…

  3. Found this building today. Some french guys approached me and asked if i wanted to join him and some spaniards for a late night climb to the top and told me of the elevator shaft climb. Wa so shattered as i had to fly out back home to australia. Really makes me want to make bangkok my next travel destination to do some exploring.. (Have been travelling with the gf an she is really not keen on me venturing to these types of things especially abroad and especially alone, had to get a “day pass” just to check out this building!) Or can you recommend a better city to explore?

    1. Hey Alex… yes, I’ve been in contact with a few people about this building, sounds like it’s much more secure than it was before. Sad you didn’t get to explore it further! Bangkok is pretty good for urbex, but a lot of the buildings are either finally being completed, or inaccessible for one reason or another. Best place I have ever been for this sort of thing, very recently, is Bulgaria. Put this one on your map:

      Once you get to Bulgaria, it’s pretty cheap – similar to Thailand. All the best mate, from one Aussie to another.


  4. I m in Bangkok until May 2nd and looking to climb Ghost tower before I leave, either tomorrow 28th or this weekend. Anyone up for coming wth me?

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