The Journey From Bishkek to Almaty Shouldn’t Take This Long

Don't Travel from Bishkek to Almaty in About Fourteen Hours

Five minutes after arriving in the former capital city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, I was being detained inside a windowless police cell. This wasn’t exactly planned, but it wasn’t completely unanticipated. I’ve learned through participation – when crossing remote, unknown, borders in post-Soviet states, encounters with the law should come as no surprise.


Resident Evil – Inside the Mansion of the Former Ukrainian President


Is there really a solid-gold toilet, inside the former President’s mansion near Kyiv, Ukraine? And, do you really need to know a guy called “Petro” to get inside? Update: maybe.


Ukraine in Winter – the Peakness of Bleakness™

Tour to chernobyl and kyiv ukraine

Surprisingly, ten other people shared my travel contrariness, and we explored for two days in the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl, Ukraine. Keep in mind I’m from Australia, and there aren’t any winters in Australia.


I Will Burn Your Country to The Ground – Iran Tour Report

Iran Tour Shiraz Ashura

It’s difficult, often impossible, using words alone, to convince someone that almost everything they’ve ever been told about Iran, is wrong…


What’s the Worst That Could Happen, Staying Overnight in Chernobyl?

stray dogs that inhabit the radioactive Chernobyl Exclusion

Stray dogs, broken down van, radiation scans, failed electronics, and encounters with armed Chernobyl patrol guys dressed all in black. Best overnighter ever.


I Used My Phone on the Mean Streets of Kiev – This Is What Happened


Brutal Socialist-era Yugoslavian Monuments – the Spomenik


In the friendly, disputatious, sometimes fatalist, Adidas-tracksuit-wearing nations that make up the former Yugoslavia, “spomenik” simply means “monument”. Futuristic, modernist, and concrete, this page is an explanation and guide to the most brutal set of memorials anywhere on the planet – “The Spomenik”.


Photos From The World’s Last Cave Village – Kandovan, Iran


Kandovan in remote North West Iran may look like a movie set. But, this is genuinely a working village – and home of the last cave-dwellers on the planet.


Personal Warning – You Need to Know the Truth About Iran