We are providers of incomparably unique small-gang Iran tours, and annual winter expeditions through Ukraine and Chernobyl. In 2019, join us for the travel experience of a lifetime.


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pearl palace Iran tour

Abandoned Frank Lloyd Wright – Tour of Shams Palace, Iran

Mid-century-modern, brutal, designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and completely abandoned…

soviet architecture minsk

Mean Streets of Minsk – Street Photography on Belarus Independence Day

Minsk is a surreal post-Soviet city where everyone lives inside a hellish collective nightmare and you can’t seem to awaken them.

iran dasktak

Guide to the Lost Paradise Hidden from Everyone – Dashtak, Iran

Once upon a time, getting to this secretive Iranian village was really difficult.

chernobyl tour

Inside a Nuclear Reactor – The OMFG Chernobyl Tour

Three days in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, walking on the core of a nuclear reactor, a picnic inside a remote church within the off-limits radioactive fallout area, AND NOTHING WENT WRONG.

tunis medina party

How to Easily Visit Seven Countries on Three Continents in Seven Days

Really, nobody needs to travel for two-thousand days just to have a good time.

giza street photography egypt

Life In The Shadows of the Pyramids : Filthy Back-Streets of Giza, Egypt

Dirty, shabby, there aren’t any tourists, and animals are constantly being whipped – Giza – the neighbourhood of the pyramids.