pearl palace Iran tour

Abandoned Frank Lloyd Wright – Tour of Shams Palace, Iran

Mid-century-modern, brutal, designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and completely abandoned…


soviet architecture minsk
July 26th 2018

Mean Streets of Minsk – Street Photography on Belarus Independence Day

Minsk is a surreal post-Soviet city where everyone lives inside a hellish collective nightmare and you can’t seem to awaken them.


iran dasktak

Guide to the Lost Paradise Hidden from Everyone – Dashtak, Iran

Once upon a time, getting to this secretive Iranian village was really difficult.


chernobyl tour

Inside a Nuclear Reactor – The OMFG Chernobyl Tour

Three days in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, walking on the core of a nuclear reactor, a picnic inside a remote church within the off-limits radioactive fallout area, AND NOTHING WENT WRONG.


tunis medina party
February 19th 2018

How to Easily Visit Seven Countries on Three Continents in Seven Days

Really, nobody needs to travel for two-thousand days just to have a good time.


giza street photography egypt

Life In The Shadows of the Pyramids : Filthy Back-Streets of Giza, Egypt

Dirty, shabby, there aren’t any tourists, and animals are constantly being whipped – Giza – the neighbourhood of the pyramids.


tehran street fashion
November 25th 2017

Sorry, But This is What Iran is Really Like

Touring through Iran is not like visiting Disneyland, but it’s definitely safer.


minsk tourism
July 26th 2017

Minsk, Belarus – A Place For Strange Erotic Journeys

Strangely, Minsk remains unchartered and unknown to most tourists – despite Belarus officially being awarded “Drunkest Country in the World”…


Don't Travel from Bishkek to Almaty in About Fourteen Hours
June 22nd 2017

The Journey From Bishkek to Almaty Shouldn’t Take This Long

Five minutes after arriving in the former capital city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, I was being detained inside a windowless police cell.


March 29th 2017

Resident Evil – Inside the Mansion of the Former Ukrainian President

Do you really need to know a guy named “Petro” to get inside?


Tour to chernobyl and kyiv ukraine
January 25th 2017

Ukraine in Winter – the Peakness of Bleakness™

Surprisingly, ten other people shared my travel contrariness, and we explored for two days in the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl, Ukraine.