Veluwe National Park – the Himalayas of Holland

veluwe national park

The Netherlands. It’s not just a country where large quantities of dubious substances are perfectly legal, and window shopping for Eastern European prostitutes is considered a tourist attraction. Yes, I now find myself in the fortunate position of being based in The Netherlands for a short spell.

Whilst the Netherlands may be primarily known for windmills, jazz cigarettes and the Amsterdam red light district, what might not immediately come to mind are glorious National Parks. Setting out to show there is another side to the modern and urbanised country of The Netherlands, today I visited the scenic Veluwe National Park in the province of Gelderland. I’ve taken a short break from street photography, and entered the fresh air and spectacular – at times surreal – landscapes of the Veluwe.

Located about 20km’s from the small city of Apeldoorn, Veluwe National Park is a favourite of dutch day-trippers. Being a well known naturally forested area, with tall peaks that reach a lofty 110m high, the Veluwe is also considered the Himilaya’s of Holland. That last fact isn’t true at all. The facts are, the Netherlands is an impressively flat country, perfect for riding bicycles. Of which, at Veluwe park there are around 1700 – freely available – allowing you to explore the many roads, tracks and paths at the your leisure.


white bicycles veluwe national park

ducks veluwe national park

veluwe national park bicycling


veluwe national park 1

Having so many free and well maintained white bicycles located at several points in the Veluwe National Park is an incredibly brilliant idea. The Netherlands is a country known for a particularly large number of wonderfully thought out and implemented urban planning initiatives, and this is no exception. Encouraging the citizens to get some fresh air and exercise, is the epitome of common sense.

As the photos show, the dappled light was extremely photogenic. My relentless folly of pursuing grainy, noisy, sometimes angry and often out of focus black and white street photography took a back seat today. It was a real treat, and quite a surprise, to see the beautifully photographic colours of the Veluwe. All photos were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1, the world’s best travel camera. Keep in mind, half the time I was riding along on a bike, and half of the time the 18mm lens was fogged over in the cold air. Being able to adjust settings, wearing gloves and riding a bike through a Dutch forest? Priceless.


veluwe national park 6

phillipa cycling at veluwe national park

veluwe national park 3

veluwe national park 4

veluwe national park, gelderling, nertherlands

veluwe national park holland

Phillipa at the Veluwe National Park

veluwe national park gelderling netherlands

Veluwe National Park – Practical Information.

Veluwe National Park is located in the Gelderling province of The Netherlands. About 20km from nearby Apeldoorn, or about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. For more information, take a look at the official website of Veluwe National Park. There is an entrance fee, but the bikes are free. Food and drink is available at the on-site restaurant (I recommend the goats cheese and honey Dutch pancakes – the honey is farmed from within the Veluwe National Park).


More ducks at Veluwe

Tomfoolery on two wheels. Veluwe.

I’ve got a couple of Australian friends who have met Phillipa and I along the road here in The Netherlands. It was a great day trip to Veluwe National Park, just cruising through the forest, eating large pieces of meat and dutch pancakes at the onsite thatched roof restaurant. With a fireplace cranking out the heat, the warm and cozy restaurant made quite a change coming in from the icy-but-sunny conditions outside. We all ate heartily  getting some energy for the long ride back to the car.

It’s getting cold, winter is approaching. Geese were stuck in the sheet ice that had formed atop the lake at Veluwe national park. It’s snowed twice in the last few days. I’ve taken to frying bacon, fully clothed, that’s just how cold it is.

It’s the European leg of the Yomadic journey, and I’m looking forward to seeing some seriously chilly European winter action.

As an Australian, this bleak cold weather puts a large smile on my face.

So, welcome to The Veluwe National Park, and welcome to The Netherlands.


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16 thoughts on “Veluwe National Park – the Himalayas of Holland

  1. That park looks beautiful. That first image in particular is stunning.

    Wondering if the X-Pro 1 is still the best travel camera, now that the Sony RX-1 is out. Looks like an amazing camera.

  2. What a beautiful place. It’s nice to see there is soemthing more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam.
    Getting around by bike is brilliant too, hubby and I always to try to hire bikes when we go away.

    1. Hi Em… bikes are my favourite way of getting around. Hopefully I’ll get to show you more of The Netherlands over the next few weeks, stay tuned.

  3. Netherlands has many interesting places. One city I like a lot (mostly because it’s just so different and has very interesting architecture) is Rotterdam. Dutch people don’t really like this city but I was fascinated by it.

    1. Hey Izy – I agree, I’ve been here in The Netherlands for a few weeks now. Rotterdam is great, I saw some incredible architecture both old and new.

  4. We’ve moved to Australia fom Scotland this year, so it’s our first Christmas in the sun, and it feels weird!

  5. Hi Nate,
    Just discovered your site, interesting stories, and as an X-lover (X-T1) I am very interested in the photography (thinking of buying a second body)!
    You should visit the Veluwe in the summer or in oktober, when the multi coloured leaves are still on the trees, very beautiful!
    The Waddeneilanden ( are also very beautiful for some island hopping :-).

    1. Hey thanks Carool. Not sure if I mentioned, but I have family in Apeldoorn – so I tend to return every year or so. These photos were taken in November, and summer had long gone! But, I’ll be back…. (and glad to have you around, I’m also a BIG X-lover).

  6. Ah, so your family can give you advice on things to visit, great.
    I am selling all my Nikon stuff and investing in Fuji X, it has given my photography a new boost. I will be going to the south of France this summer and I am intending to take a lot of pictures :-).

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