Travel Forever

long term travel dreams

Travel will make you a stronger, more intelligent, more creative, and more compassionate person. Travelling is the best education you can get. Travel will help you form new relationships, and travel will help you enjoy your existing relationships more. Travel will give you more insight and genuine perspective into your own life, and the life of your friends. Travel will teach you how the world really works. There are no limit on the benefits of travel – the more you travel, the more you gain.

It’s a big world out there. There’s more than 200 countries, thousands of cities, and nature galore. Whether you’re ticking off a precise travel bucket-list one by one, or taking a deeper approach exploring those countries you feel are most interesting, you will never, ever, exhaust your travel possibilities.¬†There is always another city to enjoy. Always another remarkable and inspiring slice of nature.

So, I’m going to start travelling, forever.

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