Travel Long Term, Travel the World. Cheap, and Easy.

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Maybe this advice is new to you. Probably, you’ve heard something similar many times before, or I guess you might already be an extended-travel nomadic-master seven-years-deep into your epic journey. Either way, this advice is personally for you – travel the world, and travel long-term.

Travel will make you a stronger, more intelligent, more creative, and more compassionate person. Travelling is the best education you can get. Travel will help you form new relationships, and travel will help you enjoy your existing relationships more. Travel will give you more insight and genuine perspective into your own life, and the life of your friends. Travel will teach you how the world really works. There are no limit on the benefits of travel – the more you travel, the more you gain. It really is as simple as that.

It’s a big world out there. Really, big. You may think it’s a long way to the corner shop, but that’s peanuts compared to the world. There’s more than 200 countries. Thousands of cities, and nature galore. Whether you’re ticking off a precise travel bucket-list one by one, or taking a deeper approach exploring those countries that you feel are most interesting, you will never, ever, exhaust your travel possibilities. There is always another city to enjoy. Always another remarkable and inspiring slice of nature.

Unfortunately, we humans seem to love putting limits on ourselves. We make excuses for why we can’t start travelling, for why a “Gap Year” can only last a year. For why we need to return home and “get serious” about life after years of extended travel and absolutely priceless experiences. We create our own fears and insecurities.

Why not just do we all know is right? Just raise the small amount of money you will need to travel, and go. When you’re nearing the end of a one year journey, try to make it two years. Even if you’ve been travelling for many years, just keep going. And share your travel stories and life advice with others – I truly believe long term travellers, bucking societal norms, are among the most important humans alive today. Have you ever met a person who has travelled for an extended period that thinks war is a good idea? Or that the essentials in life include a car, a large TV, and a decent home security system? No. Somewhere, there’s a rag-tag legion of long-term nomads out there – post-modern humans – who can teach us all. And, we should listen to them.

Quit your job, start travelling. Spread the word. Sell, give away, or throw out everything. You don’t need it. Stuff comes, stuff goes. Travel experiences last a lifetime. Don’t think about the cost, you’ll never regret one cent you spend on travel. Oh, you have children? Great. Take them with you.

We are all nomadic. It’s how we were, when the world was healthy. The more people stuck in once place in meaningless jobs related to mindless consumption, the worse the world gets. No, it’s not just a coincidence.

Either we spend our lives stuck in an unhealthy rut, or we live up to our potential. So, start planning for your next adventure. Now. Don’t wait. As an added bonus, I will give you all the steps you need to plan your next journey, whether you are new or old to the travelling game.

1. Buy a ticket.

2. Go.

This is the first Yomadic article, of many more. Like you, I’m on a life journey. This isn’t the start, or the end, of my journey. It’s just a moment in time on the continuum of my life on Earth. There are thirty-plus countries I have already explored, and now I’m taking my own travel advice. I’m preparing to becoming nomadic, forever.

Oh, the “easy and cheap” bit in the headline? Well, how else would I attract you here? And, I do want you here. However, I’ll explain: whether you think long-term world travel will be easy or hard, cheap or expensive, either way, you’re probably right.

I would love you to follow along on this journey, I have no idea where I’ll end up.

My plan is simple – travel long term, and see the world.


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14 thoughts on “Travel Long Term, Travel the World. Cheap, and Easy.

  1. Well, you have one addition to your movement.

    I’ll admit, it took me a while to get my mind around the idea – especially since I have kids – but eventually I got there. And now I’m not even buying a ticket – I’m just going. Jumping in the car that used to drive me to work and heading south to Mexico and beyond.

    I hope you can persuade a few others to join the quest.

  2. Thanks Justin, welcome aboard to the movement ;)

    Being able to drive to Mexico is a fantastic way to start, I’m sure you’re wondering why you didn’t do it sooner… good luck with the journey, keep travelling.

    I also hope I can persuade others to join the quest, in fact, I’m sure I can!

  3. Inspiring words!

    Especially liked the, “… meaningless jobs related to mindless consumption …”. Spot on.

    The other night I was watching the Republican debate when the question about setting up camp on the moon was asked. 3 out of the 4 almost started laughing. Really? Is it all just meant to be about profits?

    Anyhow .. our plan is to sell it all and take the kids on an adventure around the world in September if all goes well. Even if it doesn’t “go well”, we’ll still be out of here by that date.

    Can’t wait.

    1. Chris, thanks! You have to do it. Sell up, take the kids. They will be so much wiser for it. I really hope things go well for you. But, I think it’s important to not have a “fixed” deadline – plan for a date, but if it doesn’t go to plan, don’t worry, delays happen. The key is preparation, and preparation takes time. Especially if you have things to sell, and a family to think about. Continue to plan and prepare, set some goals, and the rest will take care of itself.

      Good luck! Nate.

  4. Great advice!! Leaving the comfort of our lives to go a worldwide adventure is a daunting proposition, but a risk that is well worth it. Once you start traveling it’s difficult to ever want to go back to a mundane lifestyle! Travelers are a group in and of themselves.

  5. Thanks Lindsay. I agree with your comments… the hardest bit is settling back into “normal” life… hmmm, there’s a post in that ;)

  6. The only thing stopping me is money. I dont have a lot saved at the moment and the biggest worry is that once I go how am I going to make enough cash to keep going? For me, once I go, I’m not coming back.

    1. It does take some money to travel the world – but not as much as people think. And, you can always make cash along the road. But maybe don’t put such a rigid framework around it – you can always come back if you choose to. Give yourself some flexibility – it’s really important. Good luck with you journey Damien.

  7. We are in on this just starting to read your blog. We are heading off in February…flying from Perth to KL then overland to Europe once there who knows :-)

    1. Hi Michele! Excellent! Not sure if you realised, but I am from Perth as well. It’s always been a dream of mine to make it overland to Europe. All the best with your journey, it will be EPIC.

  8. Haha, love this article! Nomads are post human! The hardest part of traveling is just taking the plunge and buying the ticket. Once you start, it’s seriously addictive.

    1. It’s very, very, very addictive Christine. I’m almost 500 days in to my nomadic lifestyle now. The last few days I’ve had a choice – do I settle down for another month in the same place (Tbilisi), or do I plan even wilder adventures than I’ve already been having. I think you can guess which way I’m leaning….

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