Flowerbud Bungalows Balangan Beach Bali – Paradise on a Budget?

flowerbud bungalows balangan beach

Flowerbud Bungalows, Balangan Beach, Bali – Paradise on a Budget? Bali is well and truly one of the most popular travel destinations on earth. The only problem is, its a little too popular. A little too, well, resort-y. Flowerbud Bungalows, at Balangan Beach, will show you a  taste of the old Bali of old, at a budget price. Close enough to where the action is, but far enough away to have one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, all to yourself. The thatched roof cottages are straight outta paradise. The price is affordable, in fact, it’s downright cheap. You can’t book it on any of the popular booking sites. You will get all the info you need, right here. Interested? Read on.

Flowerbud Bungalows, Balangan Beach, on the Bukit Peninsula in Southern Bali, is my kind of paradise.

The long stretch of white sand, flanked by interesting rocky cliffs, is almost empty. There are more surfers in the water than people on the beach. A string of warungs serves up cheap and tasty Indonesian meals, with your choice of fresh fruit juice, or a Bintang beer. Flowerbud Bungalows, perched on the bluff above the beach, is a small group of Gilligans-island-esque huts offering amazing value. Jump out of  the infinity pool, take a quick walk through cliff-top green paddocks, past the cows and chickens, to see an amazing view looking down on Balangan Beach. Its all about the beach, there is nothing else out here. Spend a few nights, spend an eternity. Either way, it seems kind of crazy to leave this spot.

Flowerbud Bungalows – Is it really “paradise on a budget”?

It is hot. Really, hot. The tropical heat and humidity is intense. So hot I can feel my skull burning when I try to think. For three days, we have done nothing but swim, laze under some shade on a desolate part of Balangan beach, and sleep. Our Flowerbud Bungalow has no hot water, no lighting, no aircon, no phone, not a single lux-ur-y…like Robinson Carusoe, its primitive as can be. It does have a great elevated, shaded, porch, with daybeds to laze on, and private outdoor bathroom, complete with bamboo shower. No showerhead, just a stream of gloriously cold water. The cook will take care of you at anytime, meal prices at Flowerbud are the same as the warungs down on the beach.

Balangan beach is located south of Kuta and the Airport at Bali, out on the West Coast of the Bukit Peninsula. Rated as one of Bali’s best beaches, it should receive more tourists than it does. Pick the right time of year, and you could have the beach practically to yourself. Flowerbud Bungalows, run by friendly owner “Welley”, is definitely a place I will go back to.

Flowerbud Bungalows, Balangan Beach, Bali, Indonesia: www.flowerbudbalangan.com

Enjoy the photos.



balangan beach bali cows

Balangan Beach, Bali

cliffs bali balangan beach

vw volkswagen thing bali

beach sand balangan beach bali

bali balangan beach warung

front porch of the flowerbud bungalows

bali balangan beach

local kids at balangan beach bali

phillipa at bali balangan beach

bali beach view

warung balangan beach bukit peninsula bali

balangan beach surfer

inside warung balangan beach bali

sunset balangan beach bali

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16 thoughts on “Flowerbud Bungalows Balangan Beach Bali – Paradise on a Budget?

  1. Hi Nat!
    Very interesting place. I and my partner is going to Bali next week, and we definitely want to stay there. I tried to contact them through ‘contact us form’ unfortunately turned out error all the time. I need to know the double room price, as we will stay there for quite a long time. Perhaps you have any information, and don’t mind sharing it with us.


  2. Hi Susi,

    I’m pretty terrible with keeping records of what I have paid for accommodation (must be a reason for that!), but I think we paid about $30 or so US per night. The price will vary upon the season, and which Bungalow you stay in. If I was you, I would give Welley at Flowerbud Bungalows a call – he’s a nice guy, and can even arrange to pick you up from the airport. The phone number is above, in the article.

    Good luck and safe travels!

  3. Any place where cows outnumber drunk tourists is my kinda place. My wife and I were in Bali last April and we did our best to avoid places like Kuta. In the end we found our Robinson Crusoe experience on Nusa Lembongan just off Bali. Stunning deserted beaches and mental snorkeling without having to hear “you want massage” or “taxi, taxi” the whole time.

    1. Hi Eugene, yes, Kuta is not really my kind of place either. Where did you stay at Nusa Lembongan? Got a link?

      Also, about the cows, the only problem was the occasional highly-protective bull! A little scary, as some of them are HUGE!

      1. We stayed at the Lembongan Cliff Villas. http://www.lembongancliffvillas.com/

        A bit of a splurge at $62 a night but really good service, super clean and comfy. It’s just the right distance from the busier main strip and a 3 minute walk down to the beach. They’ve got scooters to rent as well but the roads are not great. Lembongan was definitely worth the 90 minute boat trip.

        1. Looks like a nice place, definitely not as “rustic” as Flowerbud Bungalows ;) Next time I’m up that way, I might have to check out Lembongan…

          1. Sophie & Alex – Damn there go any illusions we ever had that we were being oirnigal! Not surprised you’re so in demand for Bali weddings though your style and Bali are a match made in heaven. We look forward to seeing you there in May!

  4. Hi, check out Nanuks Bungalows on Lembongan at Tamarind beach. Cheap, great food and we had the place to ourselves for half our stay. Nanuks and Ayu are great relaxed hosts. Also, they will negotiate for longer stays. We paid around $40pn for five nights.

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