Fire In Belgrade

A few days ago, the building two doors down caught on fire. In the end, it took nine fire trucks to extinguish. Right in the heart of Belgrade, just near the always bustling pedestrian street named Knez Mihailova (King Michael). Filled with an array of imposing architecture, “Knez” (make sure you pronounce the K) makes first time visitors quickly realise that “Beograd” can be as beautiful as many classic Western-European cities, in a gritty Eastern European kind of way. It’s also where people really start to question why Belgrade is so vastly under-rated as a tourist destination. Sadly, the fire destroyed a classic penthouse apartment, but fortunately nobody was injured.

I did what many Serbian’s do, when faced with scenes of destruction.

Relaxed, chilled out, smoked a cigarette, and took a few photos.


belgrade fire

belgrade street photography again

fire in belgrade


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