Terms and Conditions

Hey there. Here’s our “terms and conditions”. They’re simple, straight-forward, and we promise to stick to everything written here. YOMADIC will always remain very open, honest, fair, contactable, and responsive to you. Our reputation is key, and you remaining satisfied before, during, and after your tour, is the key to our reputation.




Your seat is guaranteed, the moment you receive notification from YOMADIC, via email, that your booking is confirmed. Our tours often sell quickly – there’s a remote possibility that when a tour has only one or two seats remaining, another person may have bought the seat at the same time as you. If for whatever reason we can’t accommodate your booking, we will refund 100% of what you have paid, immediately.  BTW, this has never happened – we have honoured every booking.

If there are any problems with your payment (it happens, because banks will be banks), we will reserve your seat, and work with you until payment has been successfully made.




We understand – sometimes the best-made travel plans need to be put on hold or cancelled. Unfortunately, we incur very real and substantial costs from the moment you book. However, we don’t want to act all big and corporate, so we promise to stick to this generous refund policy:

* if you cancel before 100 days of the tour start date, 500 Euro of each ticket may be non-refundable (read on)

* if you cancel between 75 and 100 days before the tour start date you may lose up to 50% of your ticket price

* if you cancel within 75 days of the tour start date, you may lose up to 100% of your ticket price (this is due to the difficulties in finding a replacement for you at such short notice)

* HOWEVER – WE WILL ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING – so, if we fill your seat after you cancel, we will refund a minimum of 90% of your full ticket price

* any non-YOMADIC fees or charges that you incur as a result of you cancelling this trip once you have made a booking, we are not responsible for – including (for example) airline or transport provider charges, or charges made by your own bank




In the extremely unlikely event that the tour is cancelled by us (we’ve never cancelled a tour), you will receive a full 100% refund (unless the trip cancellation is due to a “force majeure” event – something beyond our control such as a natural disaster). However – even in a force majeure situation – we will always strive to provide you a full refund to protect our reputation, and your satisfaction.




* obtaining any travel visas you may need – of course, we’ll assist by providing you with the documentation you need (commonly known as a “letter of invitation”) at no extra charge

* you are responsible for the paying the Iranian tourist visa fee (the price varies by nationality)

* you need to have travel insurance, it’s a requirement of the Iranian government

* your Airfares to and from Iran – we can assist you with booking your flight

* if you arrive on a different day from the commencement of the tour, or very early that same day, you will need to pay for an airport taxi (we will assist with the arrangements)

* if you arrive early or depart late, you will be liable for all pre-tour and post-tour expenses

* your final taxi to the airport is not included – but we’ll organise a low-cost option for you




Travel can be unpredictable. Things may change. So, in the unlikely event that any major changes to the itinerary are required, we will discuss and keep you in the loop at all times. Minor changes may sometimes be made, to make the tour better. Our intention is to make any changes for the best outcome of the tour, always putting you first.




Now, this is unlikely –  if we notice a mistake in any of the information on this website, we will advise you of any and all changes immediately. Update: there are no mistakes.




You can call on +1 310 933 6944 (please leave a message with your contact details), or, send an e-mail using this form (we will reply within 24 hours).




Our number-one goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver you the travel experience of a lifetime.

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