Iran Visa Form

This visa application page is for the lucky people booked in to experience a Yomadic Iran tour. If you haven’t already booked a Yomadic Iran tour, I feel bad for you.


We will obtain your Iran “Visa Grant Notice” (commonly known as a “Letter of Invitation”). This process can take some time, hot tip: complete the form below now (or ASAP).  As a rough timeline:

i) American citizens: you’ll receive your Visa-Grant-Notice via email, about a month prior to the trip start date.
ii) UK and Canadians, you’ll receive your Visa-Grant-Notice via email about two months prior to the trip start date.
iii) all other nationalities – normally it takes only around a week from the time we apply – HOWEVER – we apply as a group, and your application may be tied-up with all the others.
iv) NOTE – if you have nominated Tehran IKA Airport as your “consulate”, you won’t receive your Visa-Grant-Notice until a few weeks prior to the trip start date (all nationalities other than UK/USA/Canada may nominate Tehran IKA Airport as the collection point, and obtain a visa-on-arrival).
v) you may not hear from us whilst you’re waiting to receive your Visa-Grant-Notice. Be assured, we are in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran – and will do our best to match the timelines above. However – delays do occur. We’re Iran-visa-experts, and we’ll remain proactive for you – if there is *anything* you need to be aware of we’ll contact you via email. If you don’t respond to the email, we’ll phone you. You’re in good hands.


Once you have received your Iran “Visa Grant Notice”, you will send it along with a visa application form, two photos, your passport, and payment for the visa, to the Iran consulate you have nominated (or attend in person). Iranian consulates typically take between one hour and one week to issue your visa.


  • the Visa Grant Notice cannot be “expedited”.
  • if you are travelling on a USA/Canada/UK passport, you are not eligible to receive a visa-on-arrival.
  • most other nationalities can receive a visa-on-arrival without going through this application process – however – you’re better off using this form and we’ll pre-arrange your visa (it’s no extra cost, and will save you time at Tehran IKA Airport).
  • once you have nominated the Iranian consulate you will collect your visa at, it’s very difficult to change. Really, it’s difficult. Therefore, based on the above Visa-Grant-Notice timing – if you are travelling away from your home country before coming to Iran, make sure you nominate an appropriate consulate. Getting your visa whilst out of your own country is generally no problem – even for US/Canadian/UK citizens. Note: normally you will need to attend in person at the consulate if you’re out of your home country.
  • you do not need to have booked your flights before applying for your Iran visa.
  • it’s your personal responsibility to check all requirements, payment details, and timings, with the Iranian consulate you nominate in order to obtain your actual Iran tourist visa.

FINALLY, if you have any questions please ask – we’re here to help…