Street Photography Singapore – Red Light District to Orchard Road Lah

street photography singapore

Street photography Singapore – it’s hot, it’s humid, and the streets are far more interesting than some western media would have you believe. Last week, I spent about 24 hours taking photos on the multi-cultural streets of Singapore. Not since my visit to Hong Kong earlier this year have I had a chance to indulge in some street photography in an Asian country. Fuji X-Pro1 in-tow, I headed out to see what I could find.

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Street photography in Singapore, or any Asian nation for that matter, is a blast. The diversity of ethnicities, the textured urban landscapes, and round-the-clock street level activation –  Asia in general certainly holds some of the world’s most vibrant streets, and Singapore is no exception. Singaporeans may be reserved,  but they almost universally have no problem with having their photo taken.

Bugis Street photography Singapore

street photography in singapore - on the subway