Original Hand Made Iran Tour : The Untour

Tehran / Shiraz / Esfahan / Kashan / Caravan-sarai desert overnighter
October 25th 2017 – 11 nights/13 days
Limited Seats Available – FROM 2190 Euro


The Yomadic Iran tour has previously sold out, ten times in a row. So, in 2017, we’re heading back to Iran for another series of Iran  “Untour’s”. Our seats are purposefully limited, this really isn’t a typical group tour, and, we really would like you to join us.

Modern cities, ancient citadels, spectacular architecture, the most welcoming culture and people on Earth – Iran is a fascinating travel destination, and NOW is the time for you to visit. No doubt, Iran will be teeming with tourists in the years to come.

In 2017, we’ll continue the successful concept of the Yomadic Iran “Untour” (almost 30% of previous Yomadic trippers have already booked in another journey).iran tour esfahan Our Iran tour is for people who love the spirit of independent travel, and the camaraderie of a small group of travelling friends, but who really wouldn’t enjoy a typical group tour. Sure, you’ll visit the big sights, but you want some true local knowledge to help you check out the secrets unknown to most tourists. You want to make the most of your time, but you don’t want to feel rushed…

Our hook-ups from Tehran to Shiraz will make sure you’re doing more than just ticking off UNESCO heritage sights.kashan bazaar Of course many of those sights are spectacular and unmissable (we’ll visit them), however, so is hanging out with the locals at hidden cafes and bazaars, and checking out those lesser-known but totally post-card worthy places that don’t appear on other itineraries. Importantly – you’ll have enough time and freedom to explore and let Iran come to you.

Each and every Yomadic Iran tour is unique. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque shirazWe allow time to take advantage of special events and hot tips. We’ve always got access to private transport and local knowledge – our Untour is curated, but flexible. These are the best available small-gang tours of Iran – and here’s what previous trippers have said:



“There are many unbelievable moments in that trip that never would have happened had we gone by ourselves (or with another tour group, but we don’t do tour groups – yuck!). One of the best things I’ve ever done.” – Kate M., Australia

“Trip of a lifetime… I’d do it again.” – Melissa B., USA

“…would do it all over again right now.” – John G., USA

“Yeah, it really was that amazing.” – Lara K., USA


Limited places are available now, your seat can be confirmed using any major credit card.

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More information on the Yomadic 2017 Iran tour – “the Untour”, including the itinerary and list of inclusions, below…

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You, Iran, 2017.
Your October Iran Journey in More Detail – The Iran Untour Itinerary

October 25th – 27th, Tehran, Iran
Bustling, stylish, ancient, and modern Tehran. Your journey commences here. There is so much to see – we’ll get you lost in the enormous Tehran Grand Bazaar, admire Azadi Tower, Azadi Tower Tehran Iran Tourdine in cool North Tehran, keep one eye on the outlandish propaganda artworks, and the other on the exceptionally stylish locals. And, much more – we have enough time to show you the best of Tehran.
On October 27th, we will leave Tehran and travel overland to the city of Kashan


October 27th – 28th Kashan, Iran
Kashan holds an array of historical sights, and this is where you’ll start to get a feel for the real Iran. It’s smallish, but busy, and we’ll check out some of the highlights. On the way out, we’ll wander through nearby Abyaneh, one of the oldest villages in Iran -high in the mountains, famous for colourful head scarves… and segregated door knockers. Uh huh.
On October 28th we will continue our journey south to the city of Isfahan.

October 28th – 30th Isfahan, Iran
Isfahan is known as “half the world”, and will be your home for two nights. Third largest city in Iran, home of Gaz (Persian nougat, oh yes), and the unbelievably magnificent Naghsh-i Jahan Square. Imam Mosque, Esfhan IranThere’s plenty to do – browsing the local bazaar for Persian rugs, visiting the architecturally perfect Shah Mosque, listening to the men sing underneath Si-o-se Pol bridge, or just hang-time with the friendly locals. Your time here is sure to fly.
October the 30th sees us leave Isfahan behind and make our way to the desert city of Yazd.

October 30th – 1st November, 
Yazd, Iran
Getting further towards the South of Iran, we’ll arrive in the city of Yazd. With two nights here, we have time for a day trip to an ancient abandoned town, performances of indescribable martial arts (all set to funky drum beats), iran tour - view minaret yazd eat the finest pashmak (persian cotton candy), maybe a Camel burger, see the stunning wind-catchers that keep one of the hottest and driest cities in Iran cool, and visit the incredible Zooastrian Towers of Silence.
On November 1st, we will make the journey from Yazd to a desert caravan-sarai.

November 1st – 2nd 
Caravanserai, Iran
Our one night at this ancient caravanserai will be a truly amazing experience, straight out of the long-gone days of the old silk road. Stargazers and romantic’s, you’re going to love the night skies.
On November the 2nd we will make the last leg of our journey to the city of Shiraz.

November 2nd – 5th 
Shiraz, Iran
Shiraz. Cultural centre of Iran, and our base for three nights. iran-visaDay trips to the ancient city of Persepolis, the tombs of the kings at Naqsh-e Rustam, checking out downtown Shiraz, sampling the best ice-cream I’ve ever had, and on our last night together we’ll head out on to enjoy a final meal in my favourite restaurant in all of Iran. We’ll reminisce about the good times and plan new ones to come. Tears, optional… (sniff).

BONUS: we are currently organising an extra-special night in Shiraz, something we have never done on our tours before, something that is entirely new for Iran… we’re going to surprise you with a night away from Shiraz – this will be SPECIAL!


November 5th Departure
November 5th is all yours. Whether you decide to stick around and sight-see some more, or just need help organizing your transport to the airport, we will be there to help you. Hugs, high fives.


You are guaranteed to see far more than what is listed above. Each Yomadic Iran tour is unique, we always take advantage of what may be happening in Iran at the time. We like to surprise and amaze…



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More info below on the Iran tour inclusions (SPOILER: ALMOST EVERYTHING)…


sibil coffee esfahan iran
Our coffee guy in Esfahan, Iran.


Yomadic Iran Tours – Purposefully Limited Seats Available

IRAN – MARCH 30th 2017 – SOLD OUT
IRAN – APRIL 15th  2017 – SOLD OUT



Iran is the most fascinating destination you will ever visit. Join us, for one of the best travel opportunities of 2017.


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Why choose the Yomadic Iran Tour – the Untour?

Travelling independently to Iran is great – if you have, time, patience, and a big helping of local knowledge – but, you might miss some of the best secrets. I know. I’ve been in that situation.  How do you find a good restaurant or those places that don’t appear on the “tourist trail”, what should you see, and how do you get around? Would you like your transport to stop so you can take a photo, check out a small market, or just break and take in the scenery? They won’t. We will.

Our Untour concept is simple – a small gang (minimum six people, maximum twelve people) of like-minded travelers see the sights, restaurants, cities, villages, deserts, and mountains worth seeing – and we avoid the tourist traps. We’ll journey through lesser travelled places, where local knowledge is essential. And, you will make sure you have time, freedom, and access to all the info you need, to enjoy things your own way.

Iran is incredibly spectacular, but there’s a good reason so few tourists are around (for now). Despite the appeal, Iran seems just “too hard”. Unknown. Mysterious. Visa issues. Is it dangerous? (spoiler: no).

For many people Iran remains, forever, a dream. We have the solution.

I’m really not a fan of typical “group tours” or “package tours”. Our Iran tours are different – we take the best aspects of independent travel, and wrap it up with a curated, but flexible, Iranian itinerary. This, is the Yomadic “Untour”.


vahid tour guide shiraz
Our main guide in Iran (a friend so dear I call him my brother) – wearing his Grandmothers slippers – our group enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake at his Grandmother’s house in Shiraz, taking in a view of the local sites from the roof.
What’s Included on a Yomadic Untour to Iran?

We include more than any other comparable Untour. Of which, there are none. But, we’ve researched our “competition” and we’ll gladly help you compare – we’re certain our value and itinerary exceeds all other Iran “tours”.



We have our own private transport. Modern, spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned, and provided by a well-reputed local company. Our own hand-picked local drivers are safe, experienced, and friendly. Which reminds me, I need to send photo’s to one of our Iranian drivers and his wife.

Public transport in Iran is a great experience – maybe we’ll take the subway in Tehran, or a bus in Shiraz – and you need at least one Iranian taxi ride. But, to efficiently get around Iran – we have our own private transportation.



We’ll always strive to be perfectly located, with free WiFi access and a decent breakfast. We lean towards variety – from cozy, local, family owned traditional accommodation in Kashan, to stylish hotels in Tehran, your own apartment for a few nights in Esfahan (to really feel like a local), our hotel in Yazd is known as a living museum, and of course one remarkable, ancient, silk-road, caravan-serai out in the desert. We personally hand-pick every hotel.

We’ll avoid franchised hotels, hostels, and typical tourist hotels – we’re chasing an “experience” as much as a good night’s sleep.



OK, I love Iranian food, and eating at great restaurants. So, all Yomadic Untours include breakfast every single day, plus at least one other full meal each day. Usually a restaurant lunch –  and rder whatever you like, it’s all included. The meals will always be great – hearty, local, fresh, with plenty of variety. Note: we include tea, coffee, deserts, juices, bottled water, and more, but alcohol is not served on the Iran Untours. Them’s the rules.

Our shared meals depend on timing – mostly it’s the Yomadic lunch-gang taking over a great restaurant. Sometimes, we’ll do a group dinner instead. Most nights, we’ll leave you to make your own food decisions – hit the local street-food stand, dine in the finest the city has to offer, or join the gang at a local hole-in-the-wall. Your choice.

Either way, our local knowledge will point you in the right direction.


Visa Assistance

We have a great team in Iran who assist with obtaining your Iran tourist visa – for citizens from the USA, Canada, England, Australia, the EU, New Zealand, and more. We do not charge any fee for visa assistance.


And more inclusions…

Free airport pickup/transfer on arrival. Entrance fees to worthy attractions. Coffee and cake. Snacks and drinks. Photography tips. Introductions to our local friends. We’ll help you out with customs, cultures, and currency exchange. Fireworks. Whatever we can think of to help you experience a life-changing moment. Plus much more. Oh, and of course, myself (Nate), Phillipa, and our friendly and laid-back Iranian guides, are always available. As well as our local friends who come-and-go along our journey. Our goal is to make the Untour incomparably great value.


Solo Traveler? Great!

Unless you prefer your own room, we’ll never charge you a “single supplement”. Shared twin-rooms have a maximum of two guests in total. You’ll have people around when you like, and your own time to explore when you want to experience things for yourself.

Male or female, solo, couple, or friends, you’ll be surrounded by a gang of like-minded souls. It takes a certain type of person to travel to Iran – you’ll have more in common with the gang than you would believe, and we’ll take care of you.


Why trust Yomadic?

Sounds amazing. But you’re still unsure about putting your trust with Yomadic?

This should help answer your questions:

  • * We can provide you with the contact details of a whole bunch of extremely happy people who came on the previous Yomadic Iran Untours and other trips. They’re real people, from Canada, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, and more. I’m sure they won’t mind being bothered. At any time, day or night. ;)
  • * We’re proven, competent, tour operators. We know how to travel, and we know how to organise a journey. Look at our list of past successful Untours. We’re serious about this. And, we only employ qualified and professional guides, drivers, and assistants. We know – your travel experience, is our reputation.
  • * You can talk to me. From a California based number, I can take the calls from anywhere. Which is handy, because this week I could be in Tajikistan. Or Bulgaria. Contact me and ask for the number – feel free to speak to me, or Phillipa (if you’re lucky).
  • * Yomadic trip payments are possible only via major credit cards – so all the usual protections you get from your bank or credit card provider apply to all Yomadic travel purchases. This is the safest, most secure way to book your seat.
  • * Yomadic.com has been live since January, 2012. During that time, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Sunday Times in Australia and England, the Huffington Post and even Lonely Planet have featured the long history of travel knowledge found right here on these pages. These are some of the world’s most well regarded publishers and travel companies, and I’m happy to have worked with them. I’ve even done a few live video crosses. Yes, I shaved, and wore a clean shirt.
  • * We have genuine on-the-ground knowledge, experience and local contacts, throughout Iran. We’ve spent many months on-the-ground in Iran – running Untours and furthering our relationships with our contacts and partners, so that we can continue to provide the utmost in reliability, security, value, and of course – fun.
  • * All Yomadic Iran Untours only utilise the services of well-established and reliable local partners. We’ve got backup plans – spare transportation, a team of drivers and guides, and of course, many local friends and contacts. In all cases, we never take shortcuts – we have an eye to safety, security, reliability, and value, at all times. Yomadic is small and independent, but we act with professionalism. Profit is secondary – our goal right now is to make these Untours the best.


Sounds good, right?

Our Iran tours sell-out fast, and one reason for that is a high number of repeat-trippers. These opportunities don’t come along often, and I wish the list below could be longer – but then it wouldn’t be quite so special.

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