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Yomadic Iran Tour May 5 – May 16, 2019

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On this page you’ll find the Yomadic Iran tour itinerary, inclusions, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can reserve your seat using any major credit card (for direct bank deposit, contact us).

Our promise – we’ll show you the very best of Iran. We have six years of Iran experience, and we’re really not like any other “tour company” – we’re independent Iran experts who will enjoy the journey as much as you. As we’re constantly on the ground in Iran – our route, accommodations, and destinations evolve and update with the times. Compared to other impersonal corporate tours, or even independent travel – you’ll see and experience significantly more of the real, authentic, Iran.


May 5th to May 7th (two nights), Tehran, Iran

Azadi Tower Tehran Iran TourBustling, stylish, ancient, and modern. Your Persian journey commences here. We’ll get you lost in the enormous Tehran Grand Bazaar, admiring the modernist architecture of Azadi Tower, exploring UNESCO listed Golestan Palace, and dining in the cool foothills of North Tehran. Our connections will get you inside the former USA Embassy, AKA “The Nest of Spies”. Beyond visiting the classic Tehran highlights, we’ll check out intriguing local neighbourhoods, and show you some of the secrets this enormous city holds. Captivating Tehran is constantly evolving and changing, and we’ll have enough time to show you the best of the best.

In Tehran, you will stay at a modern, comfortable, centrally located hotel. On day three of your Iran tour, we’ll leave Tehran and travel to the city of Kashan – stopping in the city of Qom en route.

May 7th – 8th (one night) – Qom / Kashan / Abyaneh, Iran

kashan bazar iran tour

Kashan is our favourite small city in Iran. Famous for Persian architecture – picturesque bath-houses, magnificent historical mansions, the oldest Persian garden, and the most spectacular Bazaar in Iran – and we’ll see them all. Before we even arrive in Kashan, we’ll stop for a private guided tour around the city of Qom – considered the birthplace of the Iranian revolution. And after Kashan, we’ll head high into the mountains to wander through Abyaneh – one of the oldest and most visually scenic villages you will ever see – famous for segregated door knockers. Uh huh.

In Kashan, our serene centrally located accommodation is a beautifully restored classical Persian building (with a great chef!). The owner will donate all profits to local orphanages. Win/win. On the morning of day four, we’ll continue our journey heading south to the city of Isfahan.

May 8th to 10th (two nights) – Isfahan, Iran

Imam Mosque, Esfhan IranThird largest city in Iran, home of “Gaz” (Persian nougat, oh yes) and the magnificent Naqsh-e Jahan Square – Esfahan is known as “half the world”. A favourite city of Iranian and foreign visitors, we’ll visit the architecturally perfect Shah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace, and listen to classical Persian songs underneath ancient Khaju bridge. We know a few secrets throughout the varied neighbourhoods (from hidden Chai-houses to “Pigeon Towers”), and it’s around this time of the Iran tour we begin to access places even the locals don’t ever get to see….

In Isfahan, we will occupy the majority of a well-maintained apartment building. You’ll have your own Persian apartment, a short walk to the main square (breakfast will be delivered at the time of your choice). The morning of day six sees us leave Esfahan behind, and we’ll make our way to the desert city of Yazd.

May 10th to 12th (two nights) – Yazd, Kharanaq, Iran

iran tour - view minaret yazd Heading further towards the South of Iran, we’ll arrive in mesmerizing Yazd. Exploring the twisting lane-ways of your own UNESCO listed neighbourhood will be a daily highlight. We’ll visit the incredible Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, check out performances of ancient martial arts set to funky drum beats, learn about the ancient water engineering that allows this desert-city to thrive, and take a day trip to explore the ancient town of Kharanaq. Yazd has it all – and the food here is really good (we’ll take you to the best restaurants – from rooftop dining, to street-food).

In Yazd, your accommodation will be in an authentically restored classical Persian building. After two nights here, we’ll drive to our Caravanserai – located in a small historical town on the edge of the desert (I don’t want to say the name, as it’s a bit of a tourist-secret… for now).

May 12th to 13th (one night) – Caravanserai, Iran

iran caravanserai tour

Wifi, not available, night skies, woah. Stargazers, romantics, and just those who need a tasty meal and a great rest, you’re going to love it. An ancient Silk Road inn or “Caravanserai”, is a truly amazing experience straight out of the long-gone days of old Persia. We now have two different Caravanserai’s to choose from, and we’ll make our choice based on the time of year, and what’s on the home-cooked menu for dinner.

On day nine, we will make our way to Persepolis and Shiraz.

May 13th to 16th (three nights) – Shiraz, Persepolis, Iran

iran-visaShiraz – the cultural center of Iran, and our base until the end of your Iran tour. First up – the ancient city of Persepolis and the tombs of the Persian Kings at Naqsh-e Rostam. After an expert overview, you can explore Persepolis at your leisure. After closing, your comfortable hotel with great shady outdoor areas is a short walk away – perfect to enjoy the sunset view of Persepolis with a cool drink.

shiraz tours iranRefreshed and relaxed, the next morning we’ll head into Shiraz, and spend two more nights in the gem of Iran. We’ll take you to the best historic and modern sites around downtown (day and night), wake up early for the photo opportunity of a lifetime, and on our last night together enjoy a meal in my favourite restaurant in all of Iran.

In Shiraz, we will stay at a centrally located, independently owned hotel – nearby to attractions, restaurants, cafes, chai-houses, and the Vakil Bazaar (great for last-minute souvenirs).

May 16th – Departure

After one last Persian breakfast, the final day is all yours. Whether you decide to stick around Shiraz some more, or just need us to organise your transport to the airport, we’ll be there for you. Hugs, high fives, tears optional.


We promise you will see more than the list above. Our itinerary is not more detailed for several reasons – we want to keep some surprises, and we’ll always take advantage of any special events that may be happening in Iran at the time. We retain a level of flexibility to give you the best possible Iran experience – our guarantee is that you won’t miss anything “unmissable”. Every Yomadic Iran tour is genuinely unique.


So, what’s really included?

  • All accommodation – quality, centrally located, hand-picked – classical and modern.
  • Every breakfast, every lunch (we know all the best restaurants), and the occasional fancy dinner.
  • Entrance fees to sites, museums, parks, and more.
  • Private, comfortable, air-conditioned transport throughout Iran with a dedicated driver.
  • Any other forms of transport that may be necessary to complete our itinerary.
  • Personal assistance and travel guidance – with the gang, or doing your own thang.
  • It’s Iran, sorry, no alcohol – but we’ll include water, juice, tea, coffee, etc.
  • FREE airport pickup on arrival, and we’ll organise a low-cost option for when you depart.
  • Small team of Western AND Iranian guides, with you for the entire journey.
  • We never do large groups – an average size of just eight guests (maximum twelve).
  • Visa assistance with your Iranian tourist visa (from beginning to end).
  • And much more – we pride ourselves on being the best value trip through Iran, and will gladly assist you in comparing Yomadic with any other Iran “tour”.
  • Finally, it wouldn’t be a Yomadic journey without including a few extra secrets…

And what’s not included?

  • Airfares to and from Iran are not included – but we can assist you with booking your flight.
  • Travel insurance is not included and in Iran is mandatory.
  • When you’re out choosing to do your own thang, you pay for it.
  • Any fees or charges that you incur as a result of you cancelling this trip once you have made a booking, we are not responsible for – including for example airline or transport provider charges.
  • If you arrive on a different day from the commencement of the tour, or very early that same day, you will need to pay for an airport taxi (but we will assist with the arrangements).
  • If you arrive early or depart late, you will be liable for all expenses.
  • Your airport taxi is not included – but we’ll help organise a low-cost option for you.
  • You are responsible for the fee of your Iranian tourist visa (which varies by nationality).

Is Iran Safe?

Forget the media, forget what you’ve heard from people who have never visited Iran. Don’t believe the hype – Iran is probably safer than the country you live in. Iranians are friendly, hospitable, and welcoming – you’ll be invited to meals, they’ll chat with you on the streets, and welcome you with open-arms at every opportunity. Tourists are treated with respect – by the locals and the authorities. Many of our solo-female guests have said: “Iran is the safest country I’ve ever visited”.

Will I get a Visa? I heard it was impossible for my nationality?

We partner with a respected Iranian visa agency for the best possible visa-application experience. If you’re unsure of whether your nationality is entitled to a visa, just ask – we really are Iran visa-experts.

Where will we sleep?

From hand picked traditional guest-houses to memorable hotels, all centrally located and within walking distance of the heart of each city we visit. We have inspected (and stayed) in each and every property. Accommodation will include Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, great food, and you will always be served breakfast. You will enjoy the variety, and always get a great nights rest. You’ll have a private bathroom with a western-style toilet. If you’re sharing, it will be a maximum of two people in each room.

Who are our guides?

Nate (that’s me) – I’ve been visiting Iran since 2012, and running tours through Iran since 2014. Phillipa has been with me the entire time. Every year, we spend up to six months in Iran – running tours, exploring new parts of Iran for potential future tours, checking out accommodation options, meeting with locals, trying restaurants and cafes, and seeking out new destinations. There are no other international Iran tourism providers that spend as much time in Iran as we do, or know Iran like we do.

Our local guides (we ALWAYS have at least one Iranian with every group) are genuine experts. We only use guides who are independent, freelance, and love their job. They have great English (and other languages), a friendly and relaxed disposition – and most importantly, understand the atmosphere we’re trying to create with our “untours”. They’re professional, qualified, and registered with the Iranian government to provide guidance to all nationalities, and you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with them.

Normally, our local guides are qualified in areas such as architecture and Persian history. If you want the knowledge, wow, do they have the knowledge and will enjoy chatting with you about all things Iran. If you want to relax, and take in Iran in your own way, they’ll be chilling nearby, just enjoying Iran.

What if I’m travelling solo, will I need to pay extra?

You pay the same price whether you’re solo or not. There is no single supplement fee or charge – if you’re happy to twin-share with a maximum of one other person. If you do want your own room…

What if I would like my own room?

Don’t want to play bunk buddy? Prefer your own privacy? No problems, for a single supplement of €650, you will have your own room every night. Just let us know, we’ll arrange it. If not, you will share with a maximum of one other person.

What if I get sick of hanging out with you guys?

We’ve designed the trip so you have plenty of time to do your own exploring – day and night. Make sure you’re back by the time we drive to the next city, or else we will kill you.

The tour ends up in Shiraz. What will I do now?

Fear not – we start and end the tour in different locations so you get the most out of your time in Iran. Shiraz is a well-connected city with many transport options – including multiple flights daily to major airline hubs such as Dubai and Istanbul. If you need to return to Tehran, regular buses, trains, and flights will easily get you there. We will assist you in finding an option from Shiraz, booking transportation that works best for you.

Arriving and departing, early or late?

If you would like to arrive early or depart late, we will pre-book accommodation for you, and provide easy instructions on how to get to your hotel (you’ll need to spring for the cost of the extra hotel nights). We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, please contact us to explain your situation. As for leaving early – you would make us sad, but we’ll make sure you’re safely on your way.

Anything else you should know?

  • You are responsible for obtaining any travel visas you may need – of course, we’ll assist.
  • You need to have travel insurance, it’s a requirement of this tour.
  • Travel can be unpredictable. Things may change. So, in the unlikely event that any major changes to the itinerary are required, we will discuss and keep you in the loop at all times. Our goal is to make all changes for the best, putting you first.
  • In the extremely unlikely event that the tour is cancelled by us (we’ve never cancelled a tour), you will receive a full 100% refund (unless the trip cancellation is due to a “force majeure” event – something beyond our control such as a natural disaster). However – even in that situation – we will always strive to provide you a full refund and go to all lengths to protect our reputation, and your satisfaction.

What if I have paid, and then I change my mind?

We understand – sometimes the best-made travel plans need to be put on hold, or cancelled. Unfortunately, we incur very real and substantial costs from the moment you book. However, we don’t want to act all big and corporate, so we promise:

  • if you cancel before 100 days of the tour start date, 500 Euro of each ticket may be non-refundable (read on). Due to the increasing popularity of visiting Iran, and the small number of suitable accommodations, we are booking your room well in advance and have genuine non-refundable costs.
  • if you cancel between 75 and 100 days before the tour start date you may lose up to 50% of your ticket price.
  • if you cancel within 75 days of the tour start date, you may lose up to 100% of your ticket price (this is due to the difficulties in finding a replacement for you at such short notice).
  • HOWEVER – WE WILL ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING – so, if we fill your seat after you cancel, we will refund a MINIMUM of 90% of your full ticket price.

Sounds amazing – but why trust Yomadic?

  • We can provide you with the contact details of a whole bunch of extremely happy people who came on the previous Yomadic Iran tours and other Yomadic trips. They’re real people, from Canada, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Brazil, Sweden, and more. Just ask us and we’ll put you in touch.
  • We’re proven, competent, tour operators. We know how to organise a journey. We’ve been running Iran tours since 2014, and spending time on-the-ground in Iran since 2012. We only employ qualified, licensed, and professional, guides, drivers, and assistants. Your travel experience is our reputation, and we don’t take any shortcuts, ever.
  • You can talk to uscontact and ask for the number (or if you prefer, we’ll call you).
  • Payments are possible only via major credit cards – so all the usual protections you get from your bank or credit card provider apply to all Yomadic travel purchases. This is the safest, most secure way to book your seat.
  • Yomadic.com has been live since January, 2012. During that time, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Sunday Times in Australia and England, the Huffington Post and even Lonely Planet have featured the long history of travel knowledge found right here on these pages. These are some of the world’s most well-regarded publishers and travel companies, and I’m happy to have worked with them.
  • We have genuine on-the-ground knowledge, experience, and local contacts, throughout Iran. Each year, we personally spend many months on-the-ground in Iran – running tours and furthering our relationships with our contacts and partners. We stay-up-to-date with all things Iran and continue to provide the utmost in reliability, security, value, and of course – fun.
  • Yomadic Iran tours only utilise the services of well-established and reliable local partners. And, we’ve got backup plans – spare transportation, a team of drivers and guides, and the local knowledge to figure our way through the stickiest of situations. At all times, we have an eye on safety, security, and reliability. Yomadic is small and independent, but we act with professionalism at all times.

What if I still have some unanswered questions?

Get in touch! Contact via email by clicking here. Alternatively, we love to talk on the phone – contact first via email and let us know if you would prefer to call us, or if you would like Nate (or Phillipa) to call you.

OK. I’m convinced and can’t wait to come along…. how do I pay?

All major Credit Cards or PayPal are accepted – ensuring your purchase is safe and secure. If you would like to pay with a direct bank deposit, please ask for our details.

I need a little more convincing…

So… there’s a secret page, that up until now we’ve only shown to people who have already booked in on a Yomadic Iran tour. But I think it will give you a great idea of how we operate… check it out here

See you soon!

Nate Robert,

Nate Robert - Iran Tours and Travel Writer


BTW… Iran is what inspired all of the Yomadic Untours (we also run tours in places like Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania). When I first visited Iran in 2012, I couldn’t believe it. Instantly, I knew – I needed to bring people here to experience the best travel surprise in the world.